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This Sunday @ 10:00 am @ NCC Plano.
This Wednesday @ 7 pm @ NCC Bedford.

Click below to plan your visit.

First time at North City?


Don’t want to go alone?


Or maybe you’ve been a few times but you’d like to ask a few questions, or connect with some staff and leaders?


Schedule your visit now and we will:


  • meet you at the front door

  • introduce you around

  • help you get your kids checked in to Kids Church

  • save seats for you in the service of your choice


So, schedule your visit right now. We can’t wait to meet you.

You can wear whatever you want, drink coffee in the sanctuary, and listen to a relevant message from Pastor Doc Murphy.


We help people build their legacies!


This Sunday @ 10:00 am @ NCC Plano | This Wednesday @ 7:00 pm @ NCC Bedford

Our Kids Church has:


  • Fun Services

  • Age Appropriate Bible Lessons

  • Arts and Crafts to take home

  • Free drinks and snacks


We would love to serve your kids!


Just click on the link below and we will set everything up.

See you Sunday 

LocationS + Service times

NCC Plano

Sundays @ 10am

NCC Bedford

Wednesdays @ 7 pm

Seriously, you’re coming to North City this  Sunday and we can’t wait to meet you…


We won’t take no for an answer!