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What is an NCC campus?

We are “one church in many locations/suburbs.” Our campuses are online campuses (Facebook live and Zoom) and local places of worship (houses, coffee shops, or commercial buildings) in suburbs around DFW. Our vision is to have 100+ campuses around the DFW Metroplex.


What are the services like at your campuses?

In general, services (gatherings) include corporate prayer, praise, and worship, fellowship, giving opportunities, meet and greet, teaching of the Word of God through in-person teaching, LIVE streaming, or pre-recorded services. Children’s Ministry is available. Each NCC campus will be unique in its approach to ministering to those who attend. We are sensitive to the needs of the people who attend our gatherings.


No matter what campus you attend, you can expect to be welcomed with open arms. At each of our locations, our focus is to create:

  1. A Culture of Love

  2. A Culture of Truth

  3. A Culture of Purpose

  4. A Culture of Freedom

  5. A Culture of Leadership

  6. A Culture of Multiplication

  7. A Culture of Righteousness

  8. A Culture of Faith

  9. A Culture of Peace

  10. A Culture of “Legacy Building”


Our ministry is founded on the love of God and the Word of God. So, you can expect to be loved and taught the Word of God with simplicity and understanding. You can expect your life to change for the better!


Will Pastor Doc teach in person at the campuses?

Yes and no. He will teach in-person mainly at NCC Plano but he will also teach in-person at different campuses periodically. However, with the use of modern technology, you will still have the awesome opportunity to hear and “see” Pastors Doc and Mary Murphy teach the Word of God by way of video sermons.


Will there be mid-week services held at your campuses?

Hosting mid-week Bible studies is our goal for each NCC location. Each of our campuses will primarily host Sunday services, and eventually work toward having mid-week services. We champion small groups in homes, so each of our campuses will have small group ministries called “City Life Groups”.  You can learn more about City Life Groups at your campus.


Will there be a local pastor at our NCC campuses?

Pastor Doc and Pastor Mary are the founders and senior pastors (apostles) of all our campuses. A church host will be designated to oversee the day-to-day operations of each of our campuses, including hosting weekly services, conducting weddings, funerals (or home-goings) and other membership care services. Some of our campus hosts are a part of our overall teaching team and they share teaching responsibilities with Pastors Doc and Mary. These hosts are “campus pastors”. Our church hosts have been handpicked because they possess the heart of God, a heart to serve people with no strings attached, and the heart of Pastor Doc and Pastor Mary.


If I already belong to a church, can I also become a member of one of your campuses?

We prefer that you prayerfully consider being committed to attending and being a member of one church. We wholeheartedly believe that wherever the Lord would have you to be rooted in the local place of worship where His blessing will impact your life.


I am currently a member of an NCC Campus, can I transfer to another campus if it’s closer to my area?

Yes. We are “one church in many locations.” We realize that many of our members and regular visitors travel a distance to be taught the Word of God and fellowship with other North City members. So, we welcome you to transfer to the campus that makes it convenient for you to enjoy a wonderful worship experience.


Will your campuses provide services for my children?

Our goal is to ensure that all of our campuses provide quality ministry for your children and teens. We believe that it is important to help them grow spiritually through relevant methods. As each of our campuses grows, Children’s Ministry will be provided to accommodate your children’s and youths’ needs. However, the availability of Children's and Teen’s Ministry will vary among our campuses and may not be provided at the initial opening of new campuses.


Can I serve as a volunteer once I join one of your campuses?

Yes. Volunteer opportunities exist in ushers, greeters, Children’s Ministry, sound, media, musicians, singers, cleaning crews, parking lot attendants and other areas. Once you have successfully completed the Membership class offered at our campuses, you will be able to serve as a volunteer. A list of volunteer opportunities is available in our membership class.


How our Church Operates

Our church operates like a Church that's in one location. The difference is we will be one church in many locations. Just as a church in one location has a Senior Pastor, Associate Pastors/Elders, and volunteers, we also have them. We simply place our associate pastors or campus hosts in different locations to provide ministry to those who attend that campus. There is only one Senior Pastor over the church as it is with any church.


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